ccar official centre for canadian assyrian relations

Welcome to CCAR


The Centre for Canadian-Assyrian Relations (CCAR) is a non-profit organization based in Greater Toronto Area. Our mission is to help build bridges amongst the Assyrian and Canadian communities by sharing our culture with the Canadian public, while working in cooperation with Canadians to share the Canadian way of life to the Assyrian community.

Our goal is to be the primary resource used between both communities with regards to Assyrian affairs in Canada. We hope to achieve our goal by working side by side with our fellow Canadians and participating in all facets of Canadian culture including politics, education, and leisure.

While CCAR understands and acknowledges the many problems and crises affecting the Assyrian communities throughout the Middle East and abroad, our sole purpose is to assist those that have immigrated and are now living in Canada. As a community, the Assyrians have countless other organizations which are dedicated to the causes in the Middle East. We believe, when we help establish our Assyrians in Canada, then they in turn are better able to assist those in need elsewhere.

Our work however, depends on your support. Your participation at our various events, your kind and generous donations to our organization, and your dedication to ensuring a bright future for Assyrians in Canada are all critical for our success. Please sign up today to receive more information on how you can join and be a part of this amazing new journey as we grow together as a community.


Umta Shino
President, Centre for Canadian-Assyrian Relations
(416) 624-3695