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Christmas In Assyria Concert

The 2015 Christmas In Assyria Concert was presented by the Centre for Canadian-Assyrian Relations (CCAR). A fundraiser event held at the prestigious Rose Theatre in Brampton, Ontario. This concert main objective was to support Assyrian refugees currently stuck in horrible conditions in Iraq and Syria.  


The concert was a unique event that demonstrated many talented performers. The concert electrified the crowd with the amazing performance of singers such as Sargon Youkhanna, Stella Rezgo, Voysis group (Stella Rezgo, Cyndi Richards-Jamieson and Karolina Ingleton), David Esha, Faris Esho, Janelle Yausif and Roubina Shamoil. The talented poet Ninib Toma said poem in Assyrian in sync with the magical voice of young Janelle Yausif, that grabbed the attention of the crowd. Also, the traditional Assyrian dancing (wearing traditional Assyrian clothing) with the amazing dancers led by the masterful Assyrian folkloric dancer Khoshaba Youkhanna (with Zurna/Daula by Zaya and Odisho).

The Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne and the Official Opposition leader of Ontario Patrick Brown sent letters in support of the this unique event in promoting the Assyrian culture to the Canadian public.

The event ended with Assyrians and non-Assyrian alike waving Assyrian flags with the patriotic song led by David Esha singing “Ya Akhoonee” and later joined all the performers on stage.

The Christmas In Assyria Concert was a successful event that brought positive energy during and after this unique concert. As many people were smiling and laughing at the concert, this event was mainly done in remembering our Assyrian people who are struggling in Khabour (Syria) and Nineveh (Iraq) who are not as fortunate.