2016 Assyrian-Canadian of the Year Award

The Centre for Canadian-Assyrian Relations is thrilled to announce the first ever "Assyrian-Canadian of the Year Award"!

CCAR believes we must celebrate the accomplishments of our community to help inspire and motivate future generations. The Assyrian-Canadian of the Year Award honours one person per year who has made an outstanding contribution to Assyrian and/or Canadian life.

You may nominate as many candidates as you like. The recipient of the award is chosen by a committee of volunteers within the Centre for Canadian-Assyrian Relations. The Assyrian-Canadian of the Year Award is celebrated at the CCAR yearly gala and will receive a personalized award.

Nomination Criteria:

To qualify for the award, nominees must be of Assyrian decent and currently live within Canada. Nominees cannot hold a Directors seat or be an immediate family member of a current Director within CCAR.

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