Welcome to the new CCAR Website!

Dear Supporters,

We've officially launched our website...yay!

Well, technically, this is a second launch. We initially threw together a site back in November to help us organize the CCAR Christmas in Assyria concert, which was a great success. Check out our summary and photos from the event.

Over the past two months, we've been making plans to widen our on-line presence. This meant continuously revising how we set up and utilize this website.  With those plans completed, we'll begin executing as we progress through Spring and into Summer. 

However, this does mean some growing pains for ccarofficial.ca as we implement each phase of our plan.  We may have some blackouts, maybe a day or two of dead links, but we assure you we'll work hard to make them few and far between.

As of today, March 6, 2016, we have made available our Calendar of events, including concerts, marches, protests, socials and general meetings, and 'The Column', a blog-style newsletter to help us communicate to our members and viewers. PS. If you want to contribute to The Column, shoot me an email.

2016 is an exciting year for CCAR. Be sure to stay in touch - or better yet, join us!

Help make our community strong.



David Nissan
Web Developer, Editor