Taste of Assyria

Let's be honest...you can't make this.

Let's be honest...you can't make this.

Are you under 40 and have no idea how to cook Assyrian food? 

Ever wonder if your children and grandchildren will ever get to taste the amazing, traditional, old-school Assyrian food your parents have made you over the years?

It's tough to think that the proceeding generations of Assyrian diaspora will likely never taste traditional kufta, rizo-shourba, ... or *gasp* dolma!

Let's not let this happen!


One of the missions of The Centre for Canadian-Assyrian Relations is to foster the development and evolution of Assyrian customs and traditions in Canada and the wider diaspora.  Our children's children will soon be the new Assyrians of the world, and it's incumbent on us to help them maintain a sense of their identity that connects them to their roots.  What better way to do this than by food - sweet, delicious food.

The Centre for Canadian-Assyrian Relations is working on a project to document and freely distribute traditional Assyrian recipes - just like our yimateh make - and their origins and histories to the next generation.  We need your help!

Project: Taste of Assyria

Over the next two months, we want you to write down how your mother and father (okay, mother) cook different Assyrian foods, taking photos of the process and the final product - and then send us your recipes and photos. This is a great opportunity to not only gather the recipes and learn to cook the food yourselves, but also to bond with your parents.

The submission form is below.  Your parents and you will be credited for the final product (if you'd like).  Your recipes will help us create a free, online, easily searchable, mobile friendly cookbook dedicated to Assyrian cuisine!

Oh, and did we mention there are 3 $20 Amazon gift cards to the top three most detailed submissions?* Get your mum somethin' nice. You can submit as many recipes as you'd like, each new submission is another chance to win - so submit away!

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Be as detailed as possible.
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* Only submissions that fill the entire form and include at least one photo will be included in the random draw.