Letter from Mr. Nissan

Letter from Mr. Aneki Nissan

(Toronto, Ontario April 17th, 2018)

To the Board of Directors, our loyal members, and our dear friends,

I write this letter with mixed emotions to announce I will not be seeking re-election at the upcoming Centre for Canadian-Assyrian Relations AGM.

Since we established CCAR in 2014, I have worked with a team of sensational young leaders who have helped put on memorable events including the Canadian movie premiere of "A Man Before His Time", an educational lecture by Dr. Nicholas Al-Jeloo, and the Christmas In Assyria Concerts. Collectively we have built tremendous bonds with the Armenian and Yazidi communities. We have developed strong partnerships with local Assyrian-Canadian organizations and have worked hand-in- hand with these groups to bring the Assyrian name out of the shadows in Canada. We have also worked diligently to find the Forgotten Assyrians of Canada and have begun work on a documentary about them.

I was also humbled and honoured to represent the Assyrian-Canadian community before the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration in Ottawa to discuss the plight of the Assyrians. It has been my honour to have been trusted with that responsibility and I hope I represented my Assyrian nation proudly.

Unfortunately, my personal life has demanded more of my time. I am no longer able to commit the countless hours to this amazing organization and our amazing members. I have had a pleasure of seeing the positive impact we have made in the community and I know that CCAR's future leaders will continue on our mission of making the Assyrian name and people a recognizable entity in Canadian politics. Our dream of spreading this organization across Canada is one step closer to reality.

I am excited to see what the future has in store for CCAR and for the Assyrian community within Canada.

May God continue to bless our martyrs, our Assyrian nation, and our Canadian home.

Gratefully yours always,

Aneki Nissan
President, Centre for Canadian-Assyrian Relations

Mr. Aneki Nissan speaking at Christmas in Assyria Concert 2015

Mr. Aneki Nissan speaking at Christmas in Assyria Concert 2015